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Boxing day rehash.

Were getting to the time of year when we do a heck of to much reflecting, I know it’s our nature but.  I have a different take on that thinking being out here and putting the season in to terms.  Not forgetting the recent issues, I wont linger, why, cuz we don’t need to, we all know the facts, so.  What I am thinking is that the start and early season conditions in Whistler have not been the best but that maybe our future prospects might look even worse!  I wouldnt want to sound like a bummer, but, I have and continue to see it.  Whether it be some cycle or pattern that is irregular or that the damage is starting to set in is maybe another realization.  That’s a buzz-kill.  Really!  Did I and the people I know have that much affect on the outcome of our survival? yup, obviously.  Wake up!  It’s another year ahead.   Welcome 2009?

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