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New news!

  Hi everyone!  Hope everyone  is well and having the start of a great summer!  Back at the fort I have decided to change the world, or at least try.  Reason:  not enough people are and I thought I would give it a go, so!   A friend told me not to buy Nutella the other day, I said why!  They said, check out the palm oil situation.  So I did, ouch.  No more Nutella.  Check it out for yourselfs.  Then I started to think of all the big companies that are mass-producing all these processed foods, do we need them?  We did so well without them, why can we not live without them now?   So…. say no to processed foods and all those big companies, sorry.  Didnt have those types of food before and probably wont need them in the future.  Look at our for-fathers and relatives, they did fine without them.   Auto companies, industrial  whatever,  question everything and anyone!  Read the label, read between the lines, call any politician on anything you want to discuss or disagree with.  Stand up, its your right!  Sorry to be so preachy but we can change our world.  Good luck, cheers!