A showcase for the photography of Arne Gutmann

Another solo show for Arne!

borgward1.jpgSo, winter is slowly making its way to our crazy mountain town and I am having another solo show!  This will be the longest showing as it will be up until Jan 1.  It is at the new Hostel in Cheakamus Crossing.  The show is on the second floor and is always free to take a look.  Besides that, Chilli will be having a show titled 18 and over some time soon.  That should be fun as long as he dosnt shut it down early again, ps Chilli, I totally understand.  There will be a 3rd part to the Skulls show at Millinnium  Place in October, I think.  We (all the crazies) will present some kooky art during the B-Grade Horror Fest at the end of October.  I will also try to produce my first pair of Shitstixs by Christs-mas.  Wish me luck in that.  Besides that, just the usual level of debuchary and creativity.  pss if anyone wants to model for me just let me know.  cheers and keep on keepin on!!!  ohhh, and these cars were spotted one morning on the way to work, they are called Borgwards or something like that.  Havnt done any research but they are pretty cool visually, no?

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