A showcase for the photography of Arne Gutmann

Wow! Theres a big show brewing on the horizon! And yall best come see it!

Hi yall.  Big news in tiny town.  I am curating a show with 30 Whistler artists, of all types and giving them handmade paper to do what they will with it?.   The papers were either made with raw fibers done the traditional ways or post consumer material in a western style.  The show will be on March 12th at the Beaumont Studios in Vancouver.  On 5th just east of Cambie by one block, cool.  I will also facilitate a paper making workshop there the night before.  That is called S.O.T.  Every friday night they have an eclectic art appreciation night that is awesome, so stoked to work with Jude and Charmaine.  All the paper was made by me in my house by my little hands.  Hope you can join us either night, though the Saturday night show will be kickin!  Hopefully, Vinyl Ritchie will be spinnin a set, me too of course.paper1.jpg

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