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Well, shit has finally hit the fan and I have decided to share my font with you all!

lucky7.jpgO.k, so I have put much thought in to the release of the poofont, so, now I have decided to share it with all my web friends!  If your not familiar with the poofont, well.  The site is,  thats were the majority of info and history is.  I hoped to share it with you all before, alias, everything was not up to snuff.Poo history a la Arne.  About 20 years ago when going to the lew I noticed something odd.  When I looked in the white altar I saw a letter that was formed from my poo!  I was surprised as much as anyone.  So, I took a picture.  Well, it wasn’t long after that that I got another one.  20 years later I have compiled all the letters, numbers and most punctuation. Serious!  I then with the help of my designer Richard Meyers and my Vector-Man, Chris MacLeay have created the first ever human based, somewhat organic font.  The poofont!Just to reasure people that I am not obessed with scat and the outcome was brought on by suprise,  as I wasn’t expecting a letter when I first looked in the toilet that fateful day.  Being a photographer and a bit of a documentarist, well, I couldn’t not photograph my first fateful poo!  By the way, it was the M.Since that day I have created a book, stickers, t-shirts, with much more on the drawing board.  I hope to have these items available in the near future.  Right now only the font is available, for only $4.99, so, if you have any requests please contact me personally.Thank you so much for your understanding regarding this topic as it is a little weird.cheers and happy pooing.

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