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I cant say road trip, but water trip, yup.

The other day good friend and Captain, Simon, took me out for a larf and some prawning in Howe Sound. Woo-wee! That was fantastic to be so close to the water in his inflatable boat, racing tug boats and barges.  What a day and the lunch at Hallket Bay was awesome! Thank you again Simon and Congratulations to you and Sophie on your little Francesca.The bad mill

Another great shot of our lovely hotel in Aberdeen, not Scotland.

p1180153.JPGYeah, this is another misconceiving photo of our not so wonderful hotel. sorry, looks can be deceiving.

Pooday, not Tuesday, hahaha.

dsc_3341.JPGHello again, I dont mean to be rude, I just cant help myself sometimes.  It seems in a world so wrote with rudeness that it is pretty easy to catch oneself being the same thing that they dont wanna represent, then, theres those that just dont give a shit.  Those are the ones that just make it difficult for everyone else.  Case in point, a recent very shitty hotel that we stayed in.  They obviously dont care about anything but the money, ohh well.  Because they dont care, I dont care and will tell you there name, it is the Trave-Lure, gotta hate the name right away.  They are in Aberdeen, Washington.  It was the second worst motel ever, eclipsing the first place winner with not only its dirty-ness, but the wild antics of its live in residences.  jeez. I have stayed in one hotel/motel worse but, it was not as wild as the Trave-lures people.  There you go.

Cool wall in a small town.

Aberdeen, WashingtonThe wife and little one had recently decided to take a little road trip down south, Washington and Oregon.  We had our first stop in Aberdeen, Washington were we walked around in the grey and ate some great mexi food for breakfast!!!! Yeah fish tacos for breakfast!! Neat town, wish I could have stayed longer to shoot, ohh wel, thats usually my story. enjoy more shots coming. cheers.  The shot was done with my great little Lens Baby, its soooo great.