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pinkocomyskull894032.jpgAhhh sweet october. If the changing of the leaves, a crisp autumn wind and the thought of snow didnt make me anxious, well, I am not sure what it is.  Come on, of course it is the thought of snow!  How can the ones that slide and make it part of their lives not get filled with anticipation? Once again! Come on!  I am so stoked for the season! It’s like I am 12 and pops gives me my first Rosi’s. Rosi Stratos from back in the day, do the math. Loved those things, think I slept with them once or twice, kinda forget. So many visions of snow. Love that ……..  Hope your stoked as I, if not may you endure well and try to savor a bit of the winter beauty that is. In particular the Whistler Way!Just did some super coooool pieces for the B-Grade Horror Fest Art Show, alas, I can only show you one picture. Remember, it’s for the horror show.  The shot is of a real skull in a german church/castle thingy.  In Aachen.  Cool.ciao

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