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Cuba Food!!!

cf1.jpgSo, it seems that many people like to complain about the food at the all inclusives in Cuba. hmmmm.  I am not sure why?  Here is just one foto of many to come of my food experience there to shed some light on the myth.  To me there is no myth, peoples expectations are just to grand for a communist country with little.  The people complaining are just not thinking of how it is there.  They say things like, when I was in Maui they would have never served that food, or, we never had to eat the same dish twice in Bermuda, blah blah blah, wake up people.  When you go to Cuba, your visit will be like nothing else.  Do not compare it to any other country and certainly take your stuck up western sensibilities out of your butt and think of the locals, serious.  Thank you and hope you enjoy the yummy fotos.  More to come soon.

Soooo many photos, so little time.

Our hotel pool.Here is another shot from Cuba that I really enjoy.  There are so many but I will make a new folder with them in time.  I will also be posting all the fotos that I took of the buffet food that I ate at the all you can eat resort.  Within six days I ate and photographed over sixty (60) plates of food! Yup.  This was done in response to people complaining of the food in Cuba, in particular the hotel food.  People, stop complaining!!!  This is a communist country!  You try and cook better with what they have!!!  Anyway, I thought it was great and had a field day/week.

Cuba Time!!! si.

It has been a bit but I am back from Cuba!!  Wow, what a place! What people, the scenery the sites, huh.  The question now is when can I go back?  So many photos, so many memories.  One of the funny series I will do in the near future is of the food that I and Victor ate at the all in resorts.  Many people were complaining and winjing and we found it humours to listen to the people, so this is my take on the quality of food.  You then can make your own judgement of the truth.  I personally found it funny when the people complained.  You decide.  I already have, most tourists like to wine and I dont just mean drinking.  There will be many other shots of Cuba to be uploaded.  It will take a little time.  The wait will be worth it as they are some of the most unique shots I ever took!  Hope you like them as well!!  bsc11.jpg Ciao.