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Cuba Food!!!

cf1.jpgSo, it seems that many people like to complain about the food at the all inclusives in Cuba. hmmmm.  I am not sure why?  Here is just one foto of many to come of my food experience there to shed some light on the myth.  To me there is no myth, peoples expectations are just to grand for a communist country with little.  The people complaining are just not thinking of how it is there.  They say things like, when I was in Maui they would have never served that food, or, we never had to eat the same dish twice in Bermuda, blah blah blah, wake up people.  When you go to Cuba, your visit will be like nothing else.  Do not compare it to any other country and certainly take your stuck up western sensibilities out of your butt and think of the locals, serious.  Thank you and hope you enjoy the yummy fotos.  More to come soon.

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