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Wow, someone really likes my poop!!

11ba16.jpgHolly molly!  Just did a recent google search on my name, as I do once and a while.  I found this site that did some really cool stuff with the old poofont.  I must commend them and thank them also.  Check it out as they have a good sense of humour and know a good thing when they see one. hahaha.  thanks crew at

Art or ????????

supa6.jpgI seem to get that a lot lately.  What is art?  Do you think your stuff is art or?????  As always, art is subjective for sure and what one person defines art as is quite likely much different than what someone else might consider art to be.  Me, well I love art.  I am more modern in my personal aspect to art.  That is not to say that I do not appreciate all styles.  The reason I say that is because of my own recent experiment with something new.  I rip off my own photos and have some real Sheppard Fairey fun with them.  There are 6 in the series and many more to come.  Keep your eyes open around town and you might see some.  I heard they are popping up all over the place.  I love art and hope you do too? ciao

Hi Artinados!

indi856.jpgHello again.  I just finished another show I did not publish.  Silly me.  I have to put these flyers up before the show.  This one was a beaut!  It was and still is up at the Whistler Brewery in Function.  I had two really wild acts that were at this show.  One was sparky Mark Baldwin and Merlin Pascal.  Mark is a performance artists and Merlin made music for the night.  Merlins music was awesome, heavy, beat driven electronica that rocked my world and some of our friends.  I told him that he will be in every show that I do if he wants to because I was that impressed.  All the other artists did a great job and of course, Pepe killed it!  Thank you everyone that helped out and of course, Colin, Matt, Bruce and Susie from the Brewery.  See yah soon.