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Hi Artinados!

indi856.jpgHello again.  I just finished another show I did not publish.  Silly me.  I have to put these flyers up before the show.  This one was a beaut!  It was and still is up at the Whistler Brewery in Function.  I had two really wild acts that were at this show.  One was sparky Mark Baldwin and Merlin Pascal.  Mark is a performance artists and Merlin made music for the night.  Merlins music was awesome, heavy, beat driven electronica that rocked my world and some of our friends.  I told him that he will be in every show that I do if he wants to because I was that impressed.  All the other artists did a great job and of course, Pepe killed it!  Thank you everyone that helped out and of course, Colin, Matt, Bruce and Susie from the Brewery.  See yah soon.

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