A showcase for the photography of Arne Gutmann

Exciting times abound in the Whistler Merry go round.

                  wia765f.jpg                                          This is my new model, cute huh?  Just needs a little nose job and oila!Hi everyone!  Hope your well and havin fun?  What ever it is that you are doing.  Right now Whistler is getting some good earlyish season dumps.  I went up the other day and consider it a great first day for the new year!  I can say that because I only heard the dreaded zceththazzzzaa-riccccthissss-cccllkkitzzz sound once!  Whew!  Also did manage to get some of the fluff and it was very nice!The bigger new than that is….. The Wine Box Show is going to Vancouver at the end of Januaryish.  Yeahhhh! Gonna have some fun that night. The Beaumont Studios on 5th and Cambie.Bigger than that news is that I received confirmation on my next shows opening dates!  Whistler! April 1st, 2013.  I will be presenting a new photo show that I am curating.  The artist’s are all photographers from the Vancouver area and ones I, a-admire and b-share common ground with.  I won’t reveal to much as of yet but in time I will.  Stay tuned.  The opening will be at the Scotia Creek Gallery within Millennium Place. Yeah.Stay save and have fun, wear a helmet on the hill, don’t forget to floss and brush your teeth and of course, be kind to your elders!

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