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Tropical time!!

                                         st2.jpgHi, boy, I have been a bad boy.  So long since my last post.  Sure I went away, but that was a month ago and I had two shows since then. One in the city and one in Whistler. The Wine Box show. It was a great hit but no sales. The price of art. Sometimes I do feel that I should move down to the city so I can increase my presence but then I think about missing Whistler to much. So, for now, I will stay located here and try to get better at making posts.  All the best and hear comes spring.  Ohh, did I mention I have a big show coming up again? No, well, April 1st will be a unique one for me because their will be no graphic artists in the show and I will be the only one from Whistler in the show. The opening will be on April 1st and it will be at the Scotia Creek Plaza in Whistler! Stay tuned!!!  The title is Night Lights. Here is the first of many links, this vid is a little shaky to start but works out ok in the end! Yeah St Maarten!

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