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So, everyone thinks they have them or we all want them. The mega million fans on fb. Really who cares. Sometimes it’s just one good one to make you smile. She’s been featured on the page before but I will do so again. Thank you M.

Other recent news.

I don’t have any upcoming plans of showing anything anytime soon!!m111.jpg

Don’t worry. I will still be pluggin away and makin stuff and doin stuff and stuff.


As always, stick around and keep checking things out.

Fun in the city.

Hi! Hope everyone is well and trying to enjoy our somewhat simple lives. The temperature is warming up and the bikinis are coming out. Don’t forget the sunscreen in the coming weeks. I havn’t done a art show in a while, but that might change soon, not sure yet. Should I, shouldn’t I? hmmm. This photo is of a recent trip to the city where we took down a previous art show and had some time to walk around the alleys. I like this one. Hope you all stay safe and talk soon.p1040652.JPG