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The end.

4 inches of snow on a lake. So hard but so cool

4 inches of snow on a lake.
So hard but so cool

Well, it may signal negativity to some, but others relish the onset of new. Me, kinda excited about what the new will hold. Were I will go, how I will do and, will I get a new board? hehe. All the wonderful thoughts about the new year. As far as 2015 it was a tough one but I learned a lot and obviously I will keep learning cuz thats the type of guy I am!! Had some great fall paddles!! The wildest was definitely the one on Alta Lake with almost 4 inches of wet snow on the water!! What a slog!! Soooooo awesome though, only did about a k, but it was one of the toughest ever!! Got the pics to show for it!! Thank you Joern Rhode!!! Sorry about the wardrobe malfunction. Lets look forward to a great year with great success and lots of fun and wicked stories!! Make sure you keep your cameras handy to catch the moment!! Cheers and go paddle!!

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