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Bowen Island is done as well as many other firsts!!



gopr8833Well, this year is again as all years very interesting. And I am not talking about the freaking election. I am talking about supping!! This was/is a great year for firsts!! With my training partner, Andrew Logan we completed the Bowen Island race in stellar times for both of us!! We were lucky with good weather and not that bad winds, heck, we even had a bit of a tail wind coming back on the west side of the island! Awesome!! Finishing that race Andrew and I decided that it was time to step it up and do something longer. After looking at what events are long I realized, there is nothing longer in a true race format than Bowen, so… we made the Whistler Fifty!! or, as Andrew liked to call it, The Whisty Fisty. Ohhh, that kid. So, the idea was to do 55k!! All around green lake and we would raise some money for charity. We did both in the end, raised money for wag and completed the 55k in 9:57 minutes!! Yup!! No swell assist or wind to really speak of to help us, which is ok, sorta. We did it. Now, time for some longer ones. We are planning some cool things in the future and will keep you sort of up to date! cheers and go paddle!!

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