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That time we got lucky!!


 Some may know but for most of you that don’t the allure of catching our dinner from our paddle boards is something we have tried for a while. We spent much money in search of this goal to only be usurped many times. Well, are luck changed the other day!! We got crabs!! Not the kind you get from a rambunctious evening about town but the ones from the ocean!! Only two, but, they were the best two!! One red and one dungeness. If someone doesn’t understand the challenges involved, let me explain. First, you have to have a paddle board, in our case. Then, you have to have all the gear. Then, I know, no more and then, you have to know how to use the gear and be able to stay upright on the board. The last two times have proven to be quite challenging. The wind and waves were not cooperating. The hauling in of the traps in stormy seas on a board is something to consider highly!! Either way it was a great day with a great outcome. We giddily drove home with the notion that we finally got a part of dinner!! We shared them with the wives and a friend and enjoyed a happy evening thanking the little critters for jumping in to our crab nets and we thank you! Also, some super stokey news!! I just got sponsored! It has seemed like forever since I was last sponsored, which was over ten years ago. Either way I am super happy to announce that will be sponsoring many of my and our upcoming missions!! I look forward to help them grow as a company and give the best feedback possible as a ambassador. Here is to a great future with a wonderful new product! As always, stay tuned for more exploits soon!! cheers   #backendgear, #crablife, #crabsforlife, #blackfishpaddles, #crabbingisthelifeforme, #whowantstogocrabbing,

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