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Howe Sound and Back!

Recently a couple of mates, Andy and Ben and I took on the Howe Sound for a little adventure. We estimated roughly 100k in four days and 3 nights. We would see how far we could go and what camp sites were available. We stayed at Zorro Bay, Ramilez Bay and the awesome Isltet Bay. We went as far north as Pt Melon and around Woldrige Island which was nuts. To be honest, the conditions for the journey were tough to insane for the majority of time and with us all agreeing that lesser paddlers would have been at the bar on the first day and not have even fought against the 30k winds and over one foot swell!! With boards full packed I might add. The wildest was when Andy and I came back from behind Anvil and pushed across the channel to Brittania Beach. It was blowing a steady 25k with some really good swell!! We ended up paddling the whole way, over 5k on the left side! There wasn’t really much of a point to paddle the other side as it would just carry us further from our destination. We did it and it was awesome! Actually, the waters from the last bit of Brittania Beach to the point was some of the most challenging water of the trip and Andy and I both fell in twice!! To give you perspective we paddled 100k in all conditions and that lonely spot was the only area that gave us grief, alas, we sat on our boards for 5 minutes being pushed passed all the mixed up currents then boom!! Downwind central!! Before we knew it we were back at our starting point at the Marina and we were high fiving our accomplishments!!

Our boards fully loaded travelling the Howe Sound.

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