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To ponder one’s dilemma.

Well you might say that is a good start to the topic of this post. Shows. Books. Productions. hmmmmm, books. Yup, I am having trouble deciding which series I will use for my first big book or real size, sort of.  I think the Olympic series will win. The story is simple, stand on the same spot before, during and after the Whistler Winter Olympics. I was working sporadically during the games and I wanted to show the change to the surroundings and the site.  The results were more than interesting!! What a cool concept for a book I thought. And there you have it. Book is now in production, wish me well!! P1100525

paddle this?

Jon-e P in Howe sound

Jon-e P in Howe sound

I know, I know, who is a bad boy for not taking advantage of such a wonderful page. See, here is a new one!! cheers  Had a great day with Rik, Rick, Jon in the beautiful Howe Sound, the estuary and the Squamish River!! We turned what could have been a bad day in to an epic one!! Love Squamish!! Ohhh, see how long it takes to find Jon in the photo.

Ten years later!

gopr0846.JPGHi everyone!!  Yes, it has taken me some time to update my blog. I have been busy.  3 carib islands, kauai, lots a paddlin and stuff but the big news is that after 10 years I have finally got accepted in to State of the Art on my own! Not part of a group thing but, just me. Should be fun! My idea is simple. Everywhere tropical I go I always find single flip flops. So. I started amassing these fotos and I will be making a small book out of the fotos. Then, I will display a multitude of them.  Hope you can come check out the show! I will keep you up to date? hahahaha, I hope so! ciao


So, everyone thinks they have them or we all want them. The mega million fans on fb. Really who cares. Sometimes it’s just one good one to make you smile. She’s been featured on the page before but I will do so again. Thank you M.

Other recent news.

I don’t have any upcoming plans of showing anything anytime soon!!m111.jpg

Don’t worry. I will still be pluggin away and makin stuff and doin stuff and stuff.


As always, stick around and keep checking things out.

Fun in the city.

Hi! Hope everyone is well and trying to enjoy our somewhat simple lives. The temperature is warming up and the bikinis are coming out. Don’t forget the sunscreen in the coming weeks. I havn’t done a art show in a while, but that might change soon, not sure yet. Should I, shouldn’t I? hmmm. This photo is of a recent trip to the city where we took down a previous art show and had some time to walk around the alleys. I like this one. Hope you all stay safe and talk soon.p1040652.JPG

Tropical time!!

                                         st2.jpgHi, boy, I have been a bad boy.  So long since my last post.  Sure I went away, but that was a month ago and I had two shows since then. One in the city and one in Whistler. The Wine Box show. It was a great hit but no sales. The price of art. Sometimes I do feel that I should move down to the city so I can increase my presence but then I think about missing Whistler to much. So, for now, I will stay located here and try to get better at making posts.  All the best and hear comes spring.  Ohh, did I mention I have a big show coming up again? No, well, April 1st will be a unique one for me because their will be no graphic artists in the show and I will be the only one from Whistler in the show. The opening will be on April 1st and it will be at the Scotia Creek Plaza in Whistler! Stay tuned!!!  The title is Night Lights. Here is the first of many links, this vid is a little shaky to start but works out ok in the end! Yeah St Maarten!

Exciting times abound in the Whistler Merry go round.

                  wia765f.jpg                                          This is my new model, cute huh?  Just needs a little nose job and oila!Hi everyone!  Hope your well and havin fun?  What ever it is that you are doing.  Right now Whistler is getting some good earlyish season dumps.  I went up the other day and consider it a great first day for the new year!  I can say that because I only heard the dreaded zceththazzzzaa-riccccthissss-cccllkkitzzz sound once!  Whew!  Also did manage to get some of the fluff and it was very nice!The bigger new than that is….. The Wine Box Show is going to Vancouver at the end of Januaryish.  Yeahhhh! Gonna have some fun that night. The Beaumont Studios on 5th and Cambie.Bigger than that news is that I received confirmation on my next shows opening dates!  Whistler! April 1st, 2013.  I will be presenting a new photo show that I am curating.  The artist’s are all photographers from the Vancouver area and ones I, a-admire and b-share common ground with.  I won’t reveal to much as of yet but in time I will.  Stay tuned.  The opening will be at the Scotia Creek Gallery within Millennium Place. Yeah.Stay save and have fun, wear a helmet on the hill, don’t forget to floss and brush your teeth and of course, be kind to your elders!

Well, if I ain’t slower than molasess on a cold winter morning.

                      wia935208utiowgs1.jpgThis is my entry for the show, the title is “Damm Pennies!”Hi everyone!  Like I said, sorry I am so slow.  You think my own webpage would be the first place to turn to for info regarding a big opening.  Nope.  I am a dope.  Anyway, please go check out one of the biggest shows that I ever have curated.  It is at Millennium Place in Whistler.  The show will be up till the 21st of November.  The press has been good and the opening was a hit.  Even though most of the attendees were artists or friends of artists it was still a hit and good times.  I would also like to thank two of my far away entries and their efforts!  Both Chris Crites and Monty Montgomery deserve a big hug and thank you for being part of the show.  It was great to work with you and have your pieces in the show. Thank you!!! and   I would also like to thank all the artists for their time and commitment.  Thank you all for making it a great show.  Stay tuned as the next few shows will really test my abilities as a curator and producer to bring my skills to the next level.  They are super exciting and I can’t wait to share all the info with you, albeit hopefully before the shows as opposed to after the fact. hehe, cheers and stay tuned!

RIP Christian! A photo for the man.

It is with much sadness that I tell you of the passing of a kindred local spirit.  Christian Rhude has gone.  We had a great memorial for him the other day at the Conference Centre in Whistler.  Many of his relatives and family were there and it was nice to meet them and be with everyone drinking a drink and sharing stories.  May you be pain free and fly all the while Christian.  This photo is for you.  RIP                                                                                                                                                    wia452243.jpg

What? You didn’t know that was done by so and so?

wia2375.jpgWell, it seems as life is funny and takes many unusual turns and leaves us with many comical stories.  This one is particularly strange as in a world of theft and denial that I had to comment about.  Recently some friends did some stuff publicly and went on their way.  Later, another date one of the said individuals noticed some talk of their work.  The other did some sleuthing and found that someone else was trying to sell some images(photos) of the work online.  Both parties told me and I chuckled.  You see, nothing is sacred anymore and trademarks don’t hold true for graffiti.  So, if you want your work to stay anonyms then don’t sign it, otherwise put your name on it. simple.  Lessons learned, of sorts.