A showcase for the photography of Arne Gutmann

Missed writing about another art show!?

wia3049r.jpgWell, maybe one day I will decide to write about an upcoming art show before the fact instead of after.  Until then I will write about the show and the success of the night and some details.  It was a great block party in function.  We occupied the ol Napa auto parts store and we went late, as usual.  It was once again filled with the art of the weirdos, The Incredible Amoeba, Doid, Pepe and moi.  We did have guest Weirdos, Andrea Mueller and Hayley Wirsching.  It was a great night and I sold three pieces!! wowow.  Not quite a record but close.  Super fun and cant wait for next years take. Thanks for all involved and a big thanks as always to the super Andrea Mueller.

Hi ho. Arne go’s.

Hi, welcome to the sick guys house.  I only mean sick as I am sick, it’s ok, just a bad flu/bug thing from hell or some other micro scopic netherworld.  It will pass.  Just wanted to mention that the Weirdos will be having there own venue for the upcoming Function Block Party, June 26th, 6:30pm till 9:00pm.  It should be fun, as usual for the function crew!!  Hope to see you there and keep your eyes and ears open for the press about it.  Lets see, do I get another nice photo in the paper with little Miss Mo?  Time will tell. ciao  The foto is just my take of the classic eye chart a la Arne.da-7894.jpg

Wow, someone really likes my poop!!

11ba16.jpgHolly molly!  Just did a recent google search on my name, as I do once and a while.  I found this site that did some really cool stuff with the old poofont.  I must commend them and thank them also.  Check it out as they have a good sense of humour and know a good thing when they see one. hahaha.  thanks crew at

Art or ????????

supa6.jpgI seem to get that a lot lately.  What is art?  Do you think your stuff is art or?????  As always, art is subjective for sure and what one person defines art as is quite likely much different than what someone else might consider art to be.  Me, well I love art.  I am more modern in my personal aspect to art.  That is not to say that I do not appreciate all styles.  The reason I say that is because of my own recent experiment with something new.  I rip off my own photos and have some real Sheppard Fairey fun with them.  There are 6 in the series and many more to come.  Keep your eyes open around town and you might see some.  I heard they are popping up all over the place.  I love art and hope you do too? ciao

Hi Artinados!

indi856.jpgHello again.  I just finished another show I did not publish.  Silly me.  I have to put these flyers up before the show.  This one was a beaut!  It was and still is up at the Whistler Brewery in Function.  I had two really wild acts that were at this show.  One was sparky Mark Baldwin and Merlin Pascal.  Mark is a performance artists and Merlin made music for the night.  Merlins music was awesome, heavy, beat driven electronica that rocked my world and some of our friends.  I told him that he will be in every show that I do if he wants to because I was that impressed.  All the other artists did a great job and of course, Pepe killed it!  Thank you everyone that helped out and of course, Colin, Matt, Bruce and Susie from the Brewery.  See yah soon.

We just finished another season at Whistler!

bflowers14.jpgHello everyone!  Winter is almost done with us up here and it is time to start thinking about summer.  Let’s hope so.  Whistler is a funny place for seasons.  Like, sometimes you don’t get the one you are supposed to be in.  I don’t mind.  A lot of people like to complain and forget that we should be happy with anything we get.  Last summer everyone was complaining on how we did not get a summer.  It was so cold and we didn’t get any real hot days, blah, blah, blah.  We should just be happy with what we got because after all, we are in the mountains.  Speaking of mountains, sorta, made this lovely photo chop image recently and thought you might like it.  Hope you do!  Have a great day and love life! cheers

Hi everybody! Where did Arne go?

Cuba time!!! si.Well, it seems I did social suicide, at least that is what people are saying in regards to my recent choice to quite facebook.  I think it was time.  Anyway, this is going to be the best spot for you to keep up with me as not everyone is on twitter and most dont care.  Check in here regularly and hopefully the site will take care of your Arne fix. thanx and ciao for now.

Help? Yup, we all need it.

bsc35.jpgSo, it has seemed like quite a while since I have considered any type of higher learning, that is until now.  I have spoken with a few trusted friends in regards to this question I have nagging at the back of my some what empty mind and have decided to go ahead and get enlightened. Serious.  Arne’s gonna go back to skool! Yup, just some on line course. Higher learning nonetheless.  Exciting actually, I am finally going to Emily Carr. Yup.  I figure, we can always learn and this course may help me learn more and in a different light!  Why not?  I am not afraid.  Wish me luck and hope my crappy pictures get better.  At least more interesting.

Cuba Food!!!

cf1.jpgSo, it seems that many people like to complain about the food at the all inclusives in Cuba. hmmmm.  I am not sure why?  Here is just one foto of many to come of my food experience there to shed some light on the myth.  To me there is no myth, peoples expectations are just to grand for a communist country with little.  The people complaining are just not thinking of how it is there.  They say things like, when I was in Maui they would have never served that food, or, we never had to eat the same dish twice in Bermuda, blah blah blah, wake up people.  When you go to Cuba, your visit will be like nothing else.  Do not compare it to any other country and certainly take your stuck up western sensibilities out of your butt and think of the locals, serious.  Thank you and hope you enjoy the yummy fotos.  More to come soon.

Soooo many photos, so little time.

Our hotel pool.Here is another shot from Cuba that I really enjoy.  There are so many but I will make a new folder with them in time.  I will also be posting all the fotos that I took of the buffet food that I ate at the all you can eat resort.  Within six days I ate and photographed over sixty (60) plates of food! Yup.  This was done in response to people complaining of the food in Cuba, in particular the hotel food.  People, stop complaining!!!  This is a communist country!  You try and cook better with what they have!!!  Anyway, I thought it was great and had a field day/week.