A showcase for the photography of Arne Gutmann

Cuba Time!!! si.

It has been a bit but I am back from Cuba!!  Wow, what a place! What people, the scenery the sites, huh.  The question now is when can I go back?  So many photos, so many memories.  One of the funny series I will do in the near future is of the food that I and Victor ate at the all in resorts.  Many people were complaining and winjing and we found it humours to listen to the people, so this is my take on the quality of food.  You then can make your own judgement of the truth.  I personally found it funny when the people complained.  You decide.  I already have, most tourists like to wine and I dont just mean drinking.  There will be many other shots of Cuba to be uploaded.  It will take a little time.  The wait will be worth it as they are some of the most unique shots I ever took!  Hope you like them as well!!  bsc11.jpg Ciao.

Hoy Hoy! Welcome to another one!

Hopefully there nice gulls?Well, well.  Time certainly whats for know one.  That’s for sure.  So much going on and sooo little time.  Stay tuned for all the news.

Hi! I decided not to restrict the type of photos that I showcase through boardstars anymore! Enjoy!

m10.jpgFor a long time I have toyed with the idea of what kind of photos I should or could upload on my page.  Well, you will be glad to know that I will no longer censor myself in such a belittling way!  I will share photos with you that I was hesitant to previously.  I hope it dosn’t pee anyone off, though, if it does, to bad.  This is the type of photographer that I am and these are some of the images I like to produce. thank you.  These are my very good friends, Mal, on top, with the King, Pepe, on the bottom, just where he likes it. Love you both and thank you. Cheers peeps. enjoy

Correction, correction!

I did not mention that the shot was orginaly b/w, but I messed with it in p/s. Sorry for the confusion.cherioooooo-do-di-do-do!bwskullky9908.jpg 

Hello all! Welcome to the Blog!!! My Blog that is!

pinkocomyskull894032.jpgAhhh sweet october. If the changing of the leaves, a crisp autumn wind and the thought of snow didnt make me anxious, well, I am not sure what it is.  Come on, of course it is the thought of snow!  How can the ones that slide and make it part of their lives not get filled with anticipation? Once again! Come on!  I am so stoked for the season! It’s like I am 12 and pops gives me my first Rosi’s. Rosi Stratos from back in the day, do the math. Loved those things, think I slept with them once or twice, kinda forget. So many visions of snow. Love that ……..  Hope your stoked as I, if not may you endure well and try to savor a bit of the winter beauty that is. In particular the Whistler Way!Just did some super coooool pieces for the B-Grade Horror Fest Art Show, alas, I can only show you one picture. Remember, it’s for the horror show.  The shot is of a real skull in a german church/castle thingy.  In Aachen.  Cool.ciao

Wow, its that time of year already?!

Hi friends, woo, time does fly and I have been a bad boy.  Why?  Well, I havnt kept all of you up to date on recent events!  Thats why.  I recently was the headliner at the Whistler Pecha Kucha night! Supppppeeerrr Cooolll.  The upcoming show list is long so I wont go in to much detail as of yet but I will keep you up to date on the events soon.  Hope your havin a great day and talk soon.  CiaoFunny sink

Woa, has it been that long already?

Mexi bunnies, t.j.I cant believe I havnt posted anything in almost two months!!! Bad Boy.  The biggest news of late is definitely the fact that I started writing for  www.Whistler is   I got lucky and now I am writing about the arts in Whistler!!  Check it out when you have the time.  Hope your havin a great day.

My temporary tv fame is over and I am just a judge now.

Hi, sorry it has been a while since the last post.  What with my 7.5 minutes of tv fame and all, hahaha, not.  Just kidding.  I was also prepairing to become a judge at this years Canadian BBQ Championships.  Yeah, that was almost as wild as being on tv!  For real!  Fun never the less.  I did learn a lot of the judges expectations!  And had a great time.  Sorry my little/not so little animal friends that I ate on the weekend.  Thank you for your flesh!

Move over Piero, it’s Arne’s turn!

littlex11.jpgHello World!!!  Yup, finally happened, a t.v station wants to interview me in regards to the poofont!  Yup, I am sure they will do nothing but ask me shitty quesions over and over again!  Yippeee!  The show is called Urban Rush and it is on Shaw Cable.  The show will be aired on thursday at 5pm, 7pm, 9pm and 11pm.  The show will also air on Friday at 12 noon.  There really cool people so please check it out as this is part of my 15 minutes of fame!  You can also check it out on their youtube channel,     cheers and thanks for you patience!!!!!

I cant say road trip, but water trip, yup.

The other day good friend and Captain, Simon, took me out for a larf and some prawning in Howe Sound. Woo-wee! That was fantastic to be so close to the water in his inflatable boat, racing tug boats and barges.  What a day and the lunch at Hallket Bay was awesome! Thank you again Simon and Congratulations to you and Sophie on your little Francesca.The bad mill