A showcase for the photography of Arne Gutmann

Another great shot of our lovely hotel in Aberdeen, not Scotland.

p1180153.JPGYeah, this is another misconceiving photo of our not so wonderful hotel. sorry, looks can be deceiving.

Pooday, not Tuesday, hahaha.

dsc_3341.JPGHello again, I dont mean to be rude, I just cant help myself sometimes.  It seems in a world so wrote with rudeness that it is pretty easy to catch oneself being the same thing that they dont wanna represent, then, theres those that just dont give a shit.  Those are the ones that just make it difficult for everyone else.  Case in point, a recent very shitty hotel that we stayed in.  They obviously dont care about anything but the money, ohh well.  Because they dont care, I dont care and will tell you there name, it is the Trave-Lure, gotta hate the name right away.  They are in Aberdeen, Washington.  It was the second worst motel ever, eclipsing the first place winner with not only its dirty-ness, but the wild antics of its live in residences.  jeez. I have stayed in one hotel/motel worse but, it was not as wild as the Trave-lures people.  There you go.

Cool wall in a small town.

Aberdeen, WashingtonThe wife and little one had recently decided to take a little road trip down south, Washington and Oregon.  We had our first stop in Aberdeen, Washington were we walked around in the grey and ate some great mexi food for breakfast!!!! Yeah fish tacos for breakfast!! Neat town, wish I could have stayed longer to shoot, ohh wel, thats usually my story. enjoy more shots coming. cheers.  The shot was done with my great little Lens Baby, its soooo great.

The world is going crazy and people are buying a font made of Poo! thank you.

q1b.jpgHi everybody, its Mr.Brown, aka me, haha, just kidding.  But I like the alias.  I ask everyone that reads this blog to write our local mayor and council on what you think of pay parking for lots 4 and 5.  Everyone should do it. I did. Gonna write them a special letter with my poofont. serious. do it people.  You should buy it too, its a great font to have!

Another great show!

m5.jpgWell well, if the boy’s (BMP) didn’t pull off another great show!  Randy’s place was hoping.  Yan Zombie had a great set, playing to an anxious  crowd.  Once the crowds left it was dance time.  Everyone revelled  to the tunes in the awesome  space filled with great local art.  As usual there was great diversity within the art, Dan Poison’s new works had some surprising new/old twist, go Dan go!  Arin Sieber was there, with Jose in tow.  Great to see them both.  Overall it was a success with some great art and good times!  Thanks BMP! Look forward to the next one!  This photo is one of my entries, it is Mal and Pepe!  In case you didn’t now, the name of the show was called, La Violenta tormento de art.

Well, shit has finally hit the fan and I have decided to share my font with you all!

lucky7.jpgO.k, so I have put much thought in to the release of the poofont, so, now I have decided to share it with all my web friends!  If your not familiar with the poofont, well.  The site is,  thats were the majority of info and history is.  I hoped to share it with you all before, alias, everything was not up to snuff.Poo history a la Arne.  About 20 years ago when going to the lew I noticed something odd.  When I looked in the white altar I saw a letter that was formed from my poo!  I was surprised as much as anyone.  So, I took a picture.  Well, it wasn’t long after that that I got another one.  20 years later I have compiled all the letters, numbers and most punctuation. Serious!  I then with the help of my designer Richard Meyers and my Vector-Man, Chris MacLeay have created the first ever human based, somewhat organic font.  The poofont!Just to reasure people that I am not obessed with scat and the outcome was brought on by suprise,  as I wasn’t expecting a letter when I first looked in the toilet that fateful day.  Being a photographer and a bit of a documentarist, well, I couldn’t not photograph my first fateful poo!  By the way, it was the M.Since that day I have created a book, stickers, t-shirts, with much more on the drawing board.  I hope to have these items available in the near future.  Right now only the font is available, for only $4.99, so, if you have any requests please contact me personally.Thank you so much for your understanding regarding this topic as it is a little weird.cheers and happy pooing.

Wow! Theres a big show brewing on the horizon! And yall best come see it!

Hi yall.  Big news in tiny town.  I am curating a show with 30 Whistler artists, of all types and giving them handmade paper to do what they will with it?.   The papers were either made with raw fibers done the traditional ways or post consumer material in a western style.  The show will be on March 12th at the Beaumont Studios in Vancouver.  On 5th just east of Cambie by one block, cool.  I will also facilitate a paper making workshop there the night before.  That is called S.O.T.  Every friday night they have an eclectic art appreciation night that is awesome, so stoked to work with Jude and Charmaine.  All the paper was made by me in my house by my little hands.  Hope you can join us either night, though the Saturday night show will be kickin!  Hopefully, Vinyl Ritchie will be spinnin a set, me too of course.paper1.jpg

More Polaroids!

                                                 ipo36.jpg                                                                          Please guess when this was taken?

HA, the New Year and I made it!

                                                   ipom22.jpg                                      Alrighty, the new year and time for some new fun!  Polaroids! Yup there still around!  Check out thats what has happened to polaroid.  Awesome.  It made me think that it was time for me to bring out some oldies and some recent shots.  You will have to guess which is old or new, dont foget about something called old film stock, or in this case, old polaroid stock.  Cheers mates and all the best! May we have a safe ride in 2011!  enjoi!

Back to work and some play.

mal1111.jpgAgain the changing of the seasons has brought me to the point of wishing everyone well again in the upcoming season, snow season that is.  It is a La Nina/El Nino winter, I forget, but, it is supposed to bring us snow!  Thats all that matters and that once again everyone is safe.   Other stuff, still got my show on in the hostel, it runs till the end of Dec, at the new Hostel in Cheakamus Crossing.  Its free. Got some other things planned, maybe another solo show? group shows abound! Stay tuned….This is a shot I did for the B-Grade Horrorfest, it is Mal, thank you Mal.