A showcase for the photography of Arne Gutmann

Another solo show for Arne!

borgward1.jpgSo, winter is slowly making its way to our crazy mountain town and I am having another solo show!  This will be the longest showing as it will be up until Jan 1.  It is at the new Hostel in Cheakamus Crossing.  The show is on the second floor and is always free to take a look.  Besides that, Chilli will be having a show titled 18 and over some time soon.  That should be fun as long as he dosnt shut it down early again, ps Chilli, I totally understand.  There will be a 3rd part to the Skulls show at Millinnium  Place in October, I think.  We (all the crazies) will present some kooky art during the B-Grade Horror Fest at the end of October.  I will also try to produce my first pair of Shitstixs by Christs-mas.  Wish me luck in that.  Besides that, just the usual level of debuchary and creativity.  pss if anyone wants to model for me just let me know.  cheers and keep on keepin on!!!  ohhh, and these cars were spotted one morning on the way to work, they are called Borgwards or something like that.  Havnt done any research but they are pretty cool visually, no?

wow, I love Japan! even though it is a little busy!

                                 jp1.jpg                   Well another trip around the globe has ended with me now sitting in front of the computer doing countless hours of photo editing.  Just so everyone can see some of the sights that Japan has to offer.  What a visually stunning place for a photographer.  I am so lucky to have relatives that are willing to really show me the sites.  It makes a difference if you have someone helping you out,  even when you are used to the culture and now your way around.  I will be uploading many more in the weeks to come.  enjoy

The day before the circus comes to town!

  Hi..  as everyone knows it is the day before the games begin in Whistler!  Yup!  I have taken a photo from the exact spot for over a year and a half, well, no more.  The location is at the bottom of the Dave Murray Downhill and now I cant get access to it because of lock down.  So here is the last photo from this location, until I compile all the others and publish them later.  Cheers and wish us well during the games, may they begin.  Good luck athletes!!  Goo  Canadaaaaaa!!!lsd1.jpg

Heads up!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I got selected for The Whistler Art Walk during the Olympics.  I will be displaying at the Fitsimmons Pub during the games.    It will be up during that time, though it would be nice to see some of you at the opening.  Its a bunch of new stuff in a new style.  Cool.  Pepe will also be showing with us and we all love his work.  Should be a fun opening and I hope you can make it.  Cheers.

Wow, another decade gone bye.

thenew11.jpgWell, I wont say with much sadness that I will miss 09.  It was a hard year hear for most of us in Whistler.  Some more than others.  I wish everyone well in the new year and that it will be better than 09.

The snow boss, it’s the snow!

                                                  ac81.jpgHi ya’ll.  Well if you didnt know, Whistler is opening on Saturday the 14th of November!  Yippee!  Now, I hope everyone plays safe and has a great year cuz it will be a big year for us in our little/big tiny town.  What with the world coming to play in our sandbox!  Please keep it clean! Thanks, ohh, and please pack out what you brought in, especially you military folk, cheers.  Now lets have some good clean winter fun!

My recent absence, somewhat far away, Maui.

Well, they said it is a great place and I didnt know before know, but Maui is great.  This is Aki’s first step on to a black sand beach just outside of the town, Hana.  Craziest darn road in N. America, yup!  Awesome.  There will be many more soon, unfortunately we are still here sooooo,  I gots to back to the beach and will upload more later, Mahalo ya-ll.  Ch                            eers.ak71.jpg

New shoes!

shoe2.jpgshoe1.jpg  Well some of you know that I do more artistic things besides photos, not many others know.  Heres a pair of shoes I did for one of the Blind Mute shows a couple of months ago that I thought would look good on the site.  This was a german collage consisting of material that I picked up there.   It is a variation of some shoes I did a year ago that were an applique of pure hemp sublimated to the shoe.  Very Awesome!  Will have pics of that soon as those shoes turned out fantastic!  Check out the Blind Mute page  for previous shows at .  Don’t forget, art can be worn and should be!

New news!

  Hi everyone!  Hope everyone  is well and having the start of a great summer!  Back at the fort I have decided to change the world, or at least try.  Reason:  not enough people are and I thought I would give it a go, so!   A friend told me not to buy Nutella the other day, I said why!  They said, check out the palm oil situation.  So I did, ouch.  No more Nutella.  Check it out for yourselfs.  Then I started to think of all the big companies that are mass-producing all these processed foods, do we need them?  We did so well without them, why can we not live without them now?   So…. say no to processed foods and all those big companies, sorry.  Didnt have those types of food before and probably wont need them in the future.  Look at our for-fathers and relatives, they did fine without them.   Auto companies, industrial  whatever,  question everything and anyone!  Read the label, read between the lines, call any politician on anything you want to discuss or disagree with.  Stand up, its your right!  Sorry to be so preachy but we can change our world.  Good luck, cheers!

Highlights of Telus!

                                                       twsf11.jpgEveryone has a different perception of what a highlight is.  In particularly photography.  My highs and lows are a little more uncategorized though they do have a uniformity to them.  This series is the way I saw the big air and the surrondings that night.  I really enjoy the abstraction of the contents and hope you do to!