A showcase for the photography of Arne Gutmann

The only true way to enjoy the north sea.


 This pic had to be published here.  It was on a walk in Offenbach that I saw this set-up.  I stopped and wondered.  Then I took the picture.   I started thinking of what kind of person would have a window dressing like this!  Not that it’s bad, just a little untypical for a window like this in a place like that.  Then I decided not to think of it anymore.   It erked me a little when I first witnessed it’s weirdness and my friends to date, but I really do like it and I think it is a really genuine photo, if not weird.


The X-mas-Beer-Can-Man!


I noticed that I did not include some holiday type photo. This one might not seem to festive for most but it means heaps to me.  When I first made Mr. Man,  I laughed.  Then I knew I had something, what, well, just an idea.  So I set some shots up and snapped them up for uz.  I hope you like him and what he stands for….. beer!  Happy whatever you want it to be.

Boxing day rehash.

Were getting to the time of year when we do a heck of to much reflecting, I know it’s our nature but.  I have a different take on that thinking being out here and putting the season in to terms.  Not forgetting the recent issues, I wont linger, why, cuz we don’t need to, we all know the facts, so.  What I am thinking is that the start and early season conditions in Whistler have not been the best but that maybe our future prospects might look even worse!  I wouldnt want to sound like a bummer, but, I have and continue to see it.  Whether it be some cycle or pattern that is irregular or that the damage is starting to set in is maybe another realization.  That’s a buzz-kill.  Really!  Did I and the people I know have that much affect on the outcome of our survival? yup, obviously.  Wake up!  It’s another year ahead.   Welcome 2009?

New news.

Well, it’s finally here, the new website!  It is a fun new ride, I think.  I hope you enjoy it and if you have any question’s or comment’s, please don’t hesitate.  I live in a small town, it’s not that hard to get a hold of me unless I am not in the country.
I have a new category that I have not released before, Detritis! Garbage and there alike.  It might be a bit much, but it is our world and I have to photograph it, so.
Like this photo.  It is one of my fav’s.   The carmel apple that you see was about 6$ and was tossed or left on the road!  It’s also right beside the westin whistler.

The Box Show.

The Box show was another hit for the Function Crew.  The weather hampered it a bit but, artist’s are a hearty bunch.  It was held @ Poduim Auto Detailing again aka Randy’s place in function.  We have had a few show’s there now and it has been great and I look forward to the next one’s.This show I gave out wine boxe’s [wood] that I have been collecting for year’s.  I started giving them to Scotty J [the incredible amoeba] and he liked them, so I decided to curate a show with the boy’s where we had the artist’s we selected to participate get one box and do whatever they wanted to do with it.The result’s were awsome!though Randy didn’t like the smell of mine, he said that it was the stinkiest piece of art he ever, thanks Randy.